Maison Juste was designed with a simple goal in mind: to have a good night’s rest in unique surroundings in marseille, accessible only through your phone.

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At Juste, we have taken the best aspects of the hotel, airbnb and co-living experience and put them under one roof - right in the heart of marseille. Maison Juste provides your private room but also a relaxing lounge with complimentary tea and coffee, and a serene garden for gathering!


The house was proudly renovated by a team of local architects, artisans and designers. The majority of our materials, from the hardwood floors to soaps, were sourced from a network of the best suppliers in the surrounding area. Our rates are fair and allow us to provide our staff with a just work environment.

Maison Juste

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At Juste, we value your time, your mobile phone is all you’ll need to grant you access to your room and common areas. There is no front office staff here. Download our app to receive your digital key, order your breakfast, or discover our best addresses in the neighborhood.