We’ve strive to offer you the best room, at the best price, all year round. Unlike most of the industry, we do no not employ the use of “yield management”, so our prices are not constantly fluctuating like airline tickets. We give you a set rate, adjusted accordingly for on and off season.


We’ve set our housekeeping salaries 10% above industry standard.

The staff receives ergonomic training to prevent injury. We want our staff to be seen and feel valued.


Maison Juste was designed with the aide of local artisans. We have looked to our community to find family owned businesses for partnerships and services. The toiletries are from L'Occitane, a made in France brand.


We prefer to work with "what we’ve got” rather than demolish and start anew. Fed up with greenwashing, we have provided you with the juste promise - available here. With help from our clients and partners, we will continue to work toward lowering our environmental impact.