We are proud to announce that Maison Juste obtained the Green Key 2024 label, rewarding our commitments to sustainable development!🌱

The app Aeroguest will make your stay easier 

At Maison Juste, there is no waste of your precious time queueing at the reception. Here, you can self check-in on the app and then access directly the hotel and your room, thanks to your digital key that you'll receive on your smartphone. Here are the steps to check-in as well as all the features provided by our app. Have a great stay!


1. Download the app AEROGUEST

1 to 3 days prior to your arrival, you'll receive a SMS inviting you to download the app Aeroguest. Pay your city taxes if it's not already done and you're good to go! 

Do you have an Iphone? Click here!
Do you use Android? Click here!


2. Your arrival at Maison Juste


At Maison Juste, we save you some time! As soon as your room is ready, you'll receive your digital key at 4 p.m. max. Open the app, click on the black icon with a key and put your smartphone in front of the box. The door will open! The only thing left to do is drop your luggages in your room, and why not have a coffee in the garden!


3. Ask the staff

On the app, you can also ask the staff directly while being comfortably lying in bed. You need an iron? You have a special request? You want to know if we can keep your luggages (the answer is yes)? Our staff is here to answer you.

4. Order your breakfast

Moreover, you can order your breakfast for the folowwing dat? French, vegan, sweet or salty menus, you can choose before 5 p.m. and your breakfast will be delivered at your door at 7.30 a.m. the next day. As easy at it sounds.


5. Look into our selection of best adresses and tips in Marseille... and enjoy advantageous prices with our favorite associates! 

We selected the very best adresses of the city. Restaurants, local workmanship, nice walks... Don't hesitate to take a look at our recommendations, because Juste will allow you to enjoy advantageous prices only by presenting your reservation in those places.

6. Check-out

All good things come to an end. Before you leave your room, let us know by clicking in the Check-out button on the app. We hope to see you soon!


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