We are proud to announce that Maison Juste obtained the Green Key 2024 label, rewarding our commitments to sustainable development!🌱

Who’s behind our delicious breakfasts ?


Bernie Coffee is a conscious vegetarian coffee shop. They recycled their coffee grounds, only work with organic products, fight against food waste and don’t use plastic. They are located only two minutes away from Maison Juste, and offers you 4 different menus from Monday to Friday.

A la française : croissant, bread, butter, jam and fruit salad as well as an orange juice

La tonique : A fluffy gluten-free carrot cake, XL seasonal fruit salad, almond granola and an orange juice

La salée : Cream cheese bun with an hard boiled egg, emmental cheese, salad. More cheese, bread and butter as well as an orange juice

La vegan : A chia bowl with coconut milk and its fruits, and cocoa nibs with a banana bread as well as an orange juice

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On the weekend, Les Petits Dej’lices are taking over with three delicious menus that will satisfy everybody. Their breakfasts are mainly homemade or come from high quality local partners.

La Frenchy  : A mini croissant, a mini pain au chocolat, a fresh orange juice, a baguette with butter and jam.

La salée (savory): A croissant filled with salmon and avocado, and fresh rustic bread slices with truffle gouda and fruity Comté (cheese), with crackers, dried and fresh fruits, as well as a fresh orange juice.

La gourmande: 2 pancakes, jam, a cookie, a cookella and a fresh orange juice

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How are the breakfasts delivered?
Breakfast are delivered directly to your bedroom door at 7.30 a.m in a recycled kraft bag. It's up to you to take it away or have it in your room or in the garden :)

How to order your breakfast?
It’s simple: you can either ask directly the staff before 5 p.m. or you can also use the app Aeroguest to make your order.

Why did we chose these partners?
- We only work with local partners and support local distribution channels
- They offer fresh, organic, seasonal fair trade products
- Thet limit unnecessary waste : no more than 5 individual packages per breakfast bag

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